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Where we come from

Ours is a history of unorthodoxy, innovation and commitment to the customer. A history of dedication, of interest in trying out new techniques, new materials and formats. A history of concern for the customers' needs and the search for increasingly efficient solutions.

We have never been worried about whether we are doing traditional, vinyl or embroidery screen printing, but instead provide textiles and merchandising solutions for our customers.

We are involved in everything from the production of fabrics to the distribution of brands, including the production, printing, labelling and design and launch of a brand.

This complexity has given us the opportunity to adapt to change and work with prestigious customers. Today, 15 years later, Bilbotex is an experienced company that has retained its thirst for innovation.

Where we are going

Bilbotex remains committed to providing solutions for our customers.  We focus on product lines involving new technologies, new materials and integration with the internet of things and wearables.

Our strategy to adapt to the future is not science-fiction.


We have a flexible, personal and professional vision of our customers' needs. We combine our experience with an innovative and open approach to new projects and techniques.

This places us in a position to provide simple designs as well as technologies, new materials and integration with the internet of things and wearables, projects that demand more complex technical approaches.

We are constantly studying new technologies and techniques, and this allows us to provide comprehensive advice to the customers, whatever their needs.